Yifat Gat's Studio Guests : Eve Aschheim David Rhodes

Yifat Gat's Studio Guests :

Eve Aschheim
David Rhodes

Mai 30 - June 15, 2013
opening 1 June 17:00
l’Ancienne Poudrerie Saint-Chamas 13250 FR.


Eve Aschheim / New York

Eve Aschheim’s approaches to image-making, concern line and light, interior and exterior space, rhythm and pattern, and gesture and a sense of play conveyed using the medium’s unique processes and material. As a single body of work, Aschheim’s luminous, shimmering, intimate photograms evoke architectural and natural space, and affirm the value of the handmade, constructed, and seen. Each resulting image captures the presence and process of emotion, searching, and thinking; for the viewer, looking at the images provokes feeling, exploration, and thought.Aschheim’s assembled and constructed images retain a semingly contradictory sense of vulnerability, openness, and surprise.

Eve Aschheim is a Lecturer at the Visual Arts Program at Princeton University. New York.
Recent solo exhibitions include: Galleri Magnus Aklundh, Lund, Sweden; Galerie Inga Kondeyne, Berlin; and Larry Becker Contemporary Art, Philadelphia.
Collections include: Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY; Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin; National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC; Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University; Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany; and The Lannan Foundation, Santa Fe, NM.

David Rhodes / Berlin

Rhodes’s work, all untitled, is part of the body of mostly black and white paintings that have occupied him for the past few years. Variously thin, taped, near-verticals, under which paint bleeds, make soft-edged lines that zip and zag, running up and down, not quite matching or aligning. In Rhodes’s images there are hints of signage, design, planning, mapping, traffic, interchanges, grains, wedging, each which their own conditions of place and space, layers or flatness: compact, energetic, open and closed, pressed and stacked, fitted and busting out, the world seeping in, the world beyond the painting, all struggling at the edges of the the conventional, containing rectangle. And there is a sense of playfulness and virtue found in no hesitation, repetition, following process, acceptance of decoration, and the value of work for work’s sake.

Widely exhibited, David Rhodes, is also a prolific writer about art, most recently for Artforum, The Brooklyn Rail, and Art Critical. Recent catalog texts include writing about: Ernst Wilhelm Nay for Michael Werner Gallery/Mary Boone Gallery; Nathan Peter for PSM Galerie, Berlin; Henri Matisse for Museum Ludwig, Cologne; and Mary Heilmann for Museum Ludwig, Cologne.
Upcoming 2013 group exhibitions include: Lion and Lamb, London UK; and JiM Contemporani, Barcelona, ES (Paul Pagk, Laurie Reid, Sam Reveles, & David Rhodes).
Recent selected solo exhibitions: Some Walls, Oakland, CA, Galerie Katharina Krohn, Base, CH; and Centrum Berlin, Berlin, DE. Recent selected group exhibitions: On Tour at Kunsthaus, Tosterglope, DE; X6 at galerie oqbo, Berlin DE; Futureshock 12 at Galerie Dr Julius, Berlin, DE; Crossing Abstraction II at Galerie-Kunsthaus and Forum Konkrete Kunst, Erfurt, DE; Twin, Twin at Pierogi, New York, USA; Paper Works and Rhyme Not Reason at Janet Kurnatowsky Gallery, New York, USA; Concrete Things at Forgotten Bar Projekt, Berlin, DE; Ramp at Parkhaus, Berlin, DE; Maximal Pleasure at Souterrain, Berlin, DE; and Offon at Galerie Hafenrand, Hamburg, DE.

Chris Ashley
Yifat Gat's Studio is open by appointment only.
l’Ancienne Poudrerie Saint-Chamas 13250 FR.
View the exhibition online at http://contemporarydrawingsalon.blogspot.fr/
To schedule a visit, or for more information please contact yifat gat at gatyifat@gmail.com

What I Like About You / Organized by Julie Torres

Parallel Art Space proudly presents What I Like About You, an exhibition that welcomes artists from around the globe for Bushwick Open Studios 2013, to collaborate with and exhibit the work of local Brooklyn artists, alongside their own.
May 31 – June 30, 2013


Visiting Artist --> Brooklyn Artist

Julie Alexander --> Jamie Powell
Karl Bielik --> Henry Samelson
Valerie Brennan --> Rodney Dickson
Brian Cypher --> Michael Voss
Jack Davidson --> Frank Holliday
Brian Edmonds --> Patricia Satterlee
Justine Frischmann --> Clinton King
Erin Lawlor --> Lael Marshall
David T Miller --> Brooke Moyse
Lucy Mink --> Chris Moss
Sean Montgomery --> Yadir Quintana
Melanie Parke --> EJ Hauser
Julia Schwartz --> Sharon Butler
Peter Shear --> Katherine Bradford
Wilma Vissers --> Tatiana Berg
Ian White Williams --> Paul Behnke
Douglas Witmer --> Alex Paik
Pier Wright --> Meg Lipke
Stephen Wright --> Ky Anderson
featuring: Liz Ainslie, Lauren Collings and Saira Mclaren

In advance of the exhibition Parallel Art Space asked Julie a couple of questions:

PAS - How did you get involved working with such an international and nationally spread group of artists?

JT - Through the worldwide web! We all follow some great art blogs-- Studio Critical, Painters' Table, Structure and Imagery, Two Coats of Paint... And it's become really easy to reach out to the artists we discover there, via Facebook and Twitter. So I met everyone in the group that way, and I'll be seeing lots of the artists face-to-face for the first time at Parallel. I can't wait!

PAS - how does this project relate to last years, and other projects you have presented?

JT - I first had the idea to organize a collaborative project with Brooklyn artists for Bushwick Open Studios 2011. So a group of us met every week for 2 months at Hyperallergic HQ, making collaborative drawings and paintings for 'So Happy Together,' an exhibit that Jason Andrew and I curated at Norte Maar. By 2012, I had been in communication with so many exciting artists online and knew that I wanted to incorporate these new relationships. So I invited artists from all over the world to Brooklyn, to collaborate with artists here, and showcase their own work in 'Alltogethernow.' This year brings everything full circle... Artists who visited Brooklyn last year will each showcase one piece from a Brooklyn artist they met alongside one piece of their own work. New participants (who weren't able to make it last year) will each show a Brooklyn artist they've been following online. It's very exciting to expand upon these interconnecting communities...

PAS - What is your drive to take on large projects like this, instead of focusing solely on your own work?

JT - Taking on these intense projects expands my perspective in every way... There's a very real bond that develops when you work this closely with people-- Similar to the marathon painting I've done with Geddes Levenson and Austin Thomas-- And It changes you. It's a lot of work and not always easy, but building these relationships is deeply rewarding-- sometimes even life changing. Last year's show had me on a high for months.

PAS - In what ways do large collaborative projects such as 'What I Like About You' inform and/or influence your own art making practice?

JT - Well it never hurts to surround yourself with inspiring artists...... and LOTS of them. When a big group of wonderful people get together, the energy is palpable and the possibilities seem limitless. I think it makes my own work braver, less timid, and more joyful. It definitely gets me out of my own head. It's exhilarating.

PAS - Do you see purposeful stylistic groupings within the works of the artists you are presenting?

JT - That happened pretty organically... I naturally gravitate toward other painters, specifically those who radiate in a very human, very raw exuberant way. Since those are the artists I follow online, those are the folks I invited. Not everyone I invited could come, but it's a very exciting group. And because they are each selecting a Brooklyn artist to showcase, it will expand further from there.

PAS - This being the second Iteration of working with such an international crew, do you see this project  possibly being an annual recurring event? Maybe in different locations?

JT - I would absolutely love to hand the reins over to someone outside the US to host our next event........ There are a few artists who were unable to come to the States this year, so perhaps they could invite us to their neck of the woods! Inga Dalrymple in Sydney?.. Sabine Tress in Cologne?.. The possibilities are endless..........

Pages, Pages / devening projects + editions

Pages, Pages / devening projects + editions 
Chicago, Illinois, USA. April 28 - June 8, 2013

devening projects + editions has an ongoing interest in well conceived, thoughtfully developed and thoroughly arresting works on paper from artists connected to the gallery and those whose projects add a new dimension to the program. Pages, pages is a new exhibition in the off space offering a satisfying combination of material diversity and fresh conceptual strategies to keep the tradition well in place. The exhibition features recent drawings and works on paper from Alain Biltereyst, Britta Bogers, Gerd Borkelmann, Andreas Fischer, Matt Rich, Cary Smith, Jered Sprecher and Alice Tippit.

 Alain Biltereyst

Alice Tippit

Andreas Fischer

Britta Bogers

Cary Smith

 Gerd Borkelmann

 Jered Sprecher

                                                                          Matt Rich