Tristan Perich / The Machine Drawings

"...simple forms and the intersection of randomness, order and composition.
The Machine Drawings—pen on paper or wall drawings executed by a machine that I designed and built—use randomness and order as raw materials within a composition. I am inspired by physics and math, so the machine drawings are a combination of the delicacy of real drawings and the rigid, structured system of mechanics and code. ..."


Billy Bob Beamer

i love it when people who draw discover this blog and say halo!

i received an email from Billy Bob Beamer
he does small scale meditation drawings

here are few samples of his work,

Billy Bob Beamer

christine hiebert

in her Brooklyn, NY studio

" If a house is the physical place where I live, where I feel at home," she writes," then my drawings constitute metaphysical houses that allow for the kind of mental living I need to do. That mental living is full of hesitations, fits and starts in my thinking as well as the determination to process headlong into something unknown."
Christine Hiebert