The Matrix: The Political Dance of Modern Drawing at the MoMA

Bob Duggan on December 6, 2010

You can always count on the MoMA for two things: high-concept theme shows and high-concept theme shows that go in directions you didn’t expect. On Line: Drawing Through the Twentieth Century, which runs through February 7, 2011, begins as you’d expect with the big boys of modernism. Just as the testosterone threatens to thicken, however, the narrative line turns toward the feminine. The phallic gives way to the “matrixal”—a connective and even curative matrilineal web of associations woven by modern women artists that redefines drawing practice to include all forms of human gesture, even the dance. This dance turns political as artists tango through the minefield of modern life to bring the world a little closer. At times this “matrixal” theme seems almost as esoteric and abstract as The Matrix movies, but ultimately the show brings you back to firm ground and the stars align once more.
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barbara campbell thomas

Art on Paper 2010' at Weatherspoon Art Museum,

im exited to share with you, that Ky Anderson, one of this blog dearest, is presented in ' Art on Paper 2010' at Weatherspoon Art Museum,
in Greensboro, NC. On view from Nov 7th to Feb 6th 2011.

Volcano and Reflection", 2009, acrylic and oil on paper, 30
x 22 in.

Art on Paper 2010 features regional, national and international artists who have produced significant works made on or of paper. Since 1965, the Weatherspoon’s Art on Paper exhibition has charted a history of art through the rubric of one-of-a-kind works on paper. Since its inception, the commitment of xpedx (formerly the Dillard Paper Company) and The Dillard Fund has allowed the Weatherspoon to acquire works from each and every Art on Paper exhibition, resulting in the formation and tremendous growth of the Dillard Collection, which today numbers close to 550 objects. Acquisitions have included work by some of art’s seminal practitioners, including Louise Bourgeois, Brice Marden, Joan Mitchell, Robert Smithson, Frank Stella and Eva Hesse.

Talking Dance with Merce Cunningham

so much in common...


Fred Sandback

Fred Sandback, Untitled
Color lithograph in red and black on Japanese paper
h: 38.4 x w: 50 cm 1984

Fred Sandback, Four Variations of Two Diagonal Lines
Four Variations of Two Diagonal Lines etching
h: 56.4 x w: 76.2 cm 1976
Untitled, 1984
Lithograph on Japanese sheet
9 1/8 x 14 3/4 inches



Francesco Clemente Works 1971-1979 at DEITCH PROJECTS

kendal hathaway - beutifull new works...

kendal hathaway Statement-
Conceptually influenced by historical mosaics, my abstract work personifies the ephemeral and eternal qualities that exist both physically and spiritually. The repetition of shapes adds structure to the organically formed compositions. Each piece of glass I hand cut, and each cut is intentional as I sculpt in a methodical process that is both intuitive and experimental.
My work is created from glass and grouted together on 1.75" pressed plywood

Alan Storey's Climatic Drawing Machine

A Detailed Study of a drawing from Alan Storey's Climatic Drawing Machine - which creates drawings generated by wind speed and direction.